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Coaching AYSO 676 soccer

To many observers, coaching young children seems a lot like trying to herd cats. For those lucky enough to get to actually do it, the satisfaction in seeing a child grow in confidence, coordination and discipline is incomparable. If you are considering being a coach we will train you, mentor you and provide you all the equipment. Your kids will be impressed and your players (and their parents) will all really appreciate what you do.

Coach Training & Certification

Training is available in a number of ways. Classes for coaching younger divisions are given locally by our Region. Classes for coaching higher divisions are offered by our Area. There are also some classes available online. Before you can coach, you must be certified as a coach for the specific age division. We strongly recommend that you spend some time in a local on-the-field class to learn first hand from our experienced coaching staff.

Coaches / assistant coaches must have the Player Registration forms with signed medical releases at all practices and games. It is suggested that the coach copy a set of these forms for the assistant coach.

Rules & Regulations

In addition to learning training techniques and footwork drills, you also want to know all the soccer rules and regulations (the Laws of the Game) so you can teach them to your players.

AYSO Basic Rules and Regulations

Team Coach and Assistant Coach Opportunities

We have over 1000 kids registered for the fall and as a Region we are trying to be more in line with national standards for team sizes this year. This will benefit our kids with more field time and give our coaches a better chance to focus on basics. So we are trying to keep our team sizes smaller than last year but with this change we need your help, we need more coaches!

If you are planning on bringing your child to practice and coming to the games we could really use your help coaching. We can help you and provide drills to teach the players, rules of the game, and all that you need from a training perspective.

Even If you are new to soccer please consider being a coach or assistant coach!

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