U5 Program

Soccer For Children Under 5 Years Old

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Chidren playing soccer in Jenison and Hudsonville

Hello and welcome to the U5 program 2016/2017. I am Mark Dempsey, together with my wife Colleen we will be coordinating the U5 program for you.

Our practices/scrimmages will be on Tuesdays. The boys will play from 6:00 - 7:00pm and the girls will play from 6:15 - 7:15pm. There are no games on Saturdays like the older divisions. We will be playing at the Port Sheldon Sports Complex at 3066 Port Sheldon Ave.

Our fall session runs for seven weeks starting Sept. 13th and and ending Oct. 25th.

To learn more about the format of the U5 program please check out U5 Jamboree Guidelines

Each session will be about an hour long with 20 minutes of skill activities and instruction, a break for game organization and water, then we will play a 3v3 game with 5 minute quarters.

If you have any questions please contact me at U5@ayso676.com

Jamboree One with One

Jamboree One with One is the combination of two different formats that, put together, provides the best possible introduction to soccer for our youngest players. In AYSO soccer, a jamboree means that groups are formed on a weekly basis depending on how many players attend a given session. One with One refers to the concept that each player will have a parent (or other adult) working with them on the field.

An AYSO Certified Leader will lead each session. The leader will introduce a game/activity that will apply to a certain skill or part of the game. The leader will explain and demonstrate to help parents and players understand each activity. Each pair (player/parent) will then attempt the activity while the leader circulates between pairs providing specific help or suggestions so that the activities are performed as intended.

Each Jamboree session will end with a 20 minute short-sided game. The most important allowing the players to play without coaching or teaching. This experience is designed to expose them to soccer, not to begin developing them. The two objectives of this program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities, and let the game be the teacher.

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