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AYSO runs on volunteer power. There are 220,000 volunteers around the country making sure everyone plays! AYSO volunteers are mostly parents of current players, but also siblings, grandparents, parents of former players, neighbors and even active players themselves. AYSO volunteers give each child the precious gift of their time.

AYSO is a family experience. As an AYSO volunteer, a parent gets to participate with their child and teach the values of giving back to the community. Sometimes it's the whole family with parents, siblings and grandparents all getting in on the act.

Coaching and refereeing may be the most visible volunteer roles, but there are many ways to help a team or Region. Many volunteer roles require small amounts of time, but are very valuable to the kids. There is an AYSO volunteer opportunity for everyone.

Volunteering should be a fun and fulfilling experience for you. It's a chance to learn something new, or an opportunity to use the skills you already have. Start out by finding a position or task that interests you. If it's a little more of a time commitment than you can offer, find another parent who can share the responsibility.

If after looking at this list of AYSO volunteer jobs and tasks, you are still too busy to take on a volunteer position but want to help - ask around. Someone always needs help making copies, dropping off flyers to schools or manning a registration table for a couple of hours. There is always something you can offer to help your team or your Region.

Volunteer Info

Can I register as a volunteer?

Yes. Our region would not work without the help of our volunteers! Volunteer roles for teams include Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Parent. Other volunteer roles include referees, division coordinators, field maintenance, concession help and board positions. AYSO has developed special training that helps parents who may have little or no soccer experience to quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches and referees. You must register as a volunteer at

You can sign up to volunteer while you are registering your child. During the registration process simply select “New Adult Volunteer” or “Returning Adult Volunteer” from the home page. Please select the role that you would like to sign up for and enter all the required information.

If you did not sign up to volunteer when you registered, you can go back into your account and register at any time. Please select “New Adult Volunteer” or “Returning Adult Volunteer” from the home page. Then select the role that you would like to sign up for and enter all the required information.

I registered last year, do I need to re-register this season?

Yes, you need to register for each season.

Why should I coach in AYSO?

It's a chance to spend quality time with your child and it's fun. It's a great break from work. It makes you feel good. It's a great way to give back to the community.

The rewards come in the form of helping kids have fun at a game or practice, and contributing to their individual skills and teamwork. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of a season, look back and see how far the team has come.

I don’t know anything about soccer. Can I still help coach?

Yes! AYSO provides training and materials. Being a coach involves skills you probably already have in addition to specific soccer knowledge. If you are uncertain, try being an assistant coach. Your Region's Coach Administrator will be happy to try to match you up with somebody with a little more experience.

What is the time commitment of being an AYSO Coach? Assistant Coach?

U5 and U6 coaches have a 1 hour a week commitment. U7-U16/19 coaches will run one practice a week and a game on Saturday. U12-U16/19 will have the option of holding a second practice each week.

Coaching in AYSO is all about teaching and encouraging kids, and having a lot of fun. The Team Parent will help with the team’s organization tasks.

What is Safe Haven?

To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each volunteer is required to take a short in-person or online training session called Safe Haven™. It focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other onfield issues. Agreeing to a background check is also required for each volunteer.

How are volunteers screened?

Since January 1, 2001, all AYSO Regions, Areas and Sections are required to comply with the AYSO policy on criminal background checks. Any person wishing to volunteer in AYSO is subject to a criminal background check. Any person wishing to volunteer in AYSO must complete an AYSO volunteer application form each year. The application form includes a Criminal Background Check Release. All requested information must be provided by the applicant, including Social Security number, driver license number (or other state issued photo I.D. if the applicant does not drive) and date of birth.

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